Torn – Amanda Hocking

Torn: Book Two in the Trylle Trilogy

**Torn is the second book in the series so this review contains unavoidable spoilers**

What happens when everything changes?

Torn is the second book in the Tryelle trilogy, after reading the first (Switched) earlier in the year I couldn’t wait to read the rest of the series!

Switched left me with high expectations for this book, and it delivered above and beyond!

The book begins where Switched finished, with Wendy, and Rhys, returning home to Matt. This made the series flow well and also gently reminded me of the events of the previous book.

The book is filled with action and suspense from the start.

In this book Wendy is kidnapped by the Vittra and tries to formulate a plan to escape, this book is also where Wendy meets Loki. Even after Wendy has escaped the book is still fast-paced and action filled. This made the book un-put down-able!

Wendy has grown as a character over the books, and the characters around her have also grown. I really like Wendy, I think she is a great character, and I admire the way she stands up for those she loves and her stubborn attitude towards the things she believes in.

In this book I started to dislike Finn, as a character in the book he was great, but his personality and actions in this book made me stop liking him. However, this left a gap for Loki, a new character, to fill. Loki is my favourite character in the book, as his lines made me laugh throughout the book. However, Loki also had more serious moments where you got a real insight into his life. Tove featured more prominently in this book and played an important role in the outcome of the book, I was glad of this as I liked the “glimpses” of him we had in Switched.

A great continuation of a great series, which sadly only has one more book left…

I would definitely recommend the book, and indeed the series to all! The series is aimed at teenage girls, although anybody with a love of YA Romance should definitely read these books!

I can’t wait to start reading Ascend, the third and final book in he series.


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