The Raven Boys – Maggie Stiefvater

The Raven BoysIf you kiss your true love, he will die

I first read Maggie’s book, Shiver, a few years ago. I immediately fell in love with the series, and indeed the author. I have since read all her books, which are all written so beautifully.

Whilst visiting The Hay Festival earlier this year, I was lucky enough to listen to Maggie speak and promote her new book, The Raven Boys. I was excited for the release of the book and I got my hands on a copy as soon as possible.

The books follows Blue, a teenager with a psychic mother which has ensured a somewhat different upbringing for Blue. Blue has been told countless times that she is to kill her true love, and this has left a shadow hanging over her life as she doesn’t know why or how this is to happen.

However, Blue’s life becomes more interesting when she finally tastes a bit of magic. She sees Gansey’s soul, a boy who is destined to die. Blue is told she was able see him as she will either love him or kill him.

This leaves Blue wondering how this is to happen, yet when she meets him she is disappointed. Gansey is a Raven Boy, a  pupil at the local private school for boys. These are boys who Blue has been warned off all her life. Yet when she finally interacts with them, she realises that they are not as bad as their reputation would have them.

She makes friends with a group of Raven Boys, Gansey and his three best friends. Together, they then explore the possibility of true magic in the world. This involves hard work and a lot of new discoveries!

I thought this book was written in typical Maggie style (e.g. descriptive and magical), the descriptions allowed me to really visualise the events of the book.

At the start of the book, the numerous characters confused me as I struggled to remember which character was being referred to, however this may just be me.

Also the blurb was slightly misleading – it seems to be more of a blurb for the series rather then the book, this is something that could be improved.

Overall though, it was a great book, which has left me expectant for great things in the sequel, where I hope the story continues and the characters develop further.

I would definitely recommend this book, anyone with a love of adventures involving magic should read it!


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