Never Bite A Boy On The First Date – Tamara Summers

Never Bite a Boy on the First DateVampires are currently a popular subject for books, especially YA and teen ones. There have been many different and interesting takes on vampires, and I found this book to more original than some others.

The main character in this book is a vampire, however it isn’t the now expected vampire love story. Vampire Kira has just moved into town and begun her new school, when there is a murder. Thanks to Kira’s past she is the first suspect and she has to solve the murder so as to escape punishment.

Kira enjoys the investigation more than expected, as it leads her to three suspects, who are all very cute boys. Kira  continues to investigate and readers feel like they are also investigating as they learn more about the suspects.

The book had many twists and turns, especially during the final few chapters and the story concluded in an unpredictable way.

It was easy to relate to Kira, as it was written in first person and she was a typical teenager.

I saw the title of this book and I was instantly intrigued, however I was slightly disappointed as the title didn’t bear any reference to the plot line.

The age rating on the back declares this book is suitable for 11+ years, I believe this is true for the writing as it is an easy read, but the subject of the book is more a teen read.

All in all, a great easy read! A great for a break from working hard, I would recommend it to anyone who likes an easy read or a romantic page-turning crime novel.


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