Dragonfly – Julia Golding

Dragonfly follows the adventures of the Fourth Crown Princess of the Blue Crescent Islands, Taoshira or Tashi to her friends. She is sent to Brigard, a distant country, very different to her home. She has been sent to marry Prince Ramil ac Burinholt, in order for The Blue Crescent Islands to become allies with Brigard.

Both Tashi and Ramil are horrified by the prospect of marrying the other. Ramil can’t believe his father is ordering him to marry this “foreign witch”.

Upon Tashi’s arrival, she tries to avoid Ramil who is also trying to avoid her. Eventually Ramil realises his responsibility to his county and in a last ditch attempt to please Tashi, the pair go on a horse ride together. This ends in disaster as the they are kidnapped by a circus act and smuggled over the border into the enemy land of  Holt.

The pair must act together in order to return to their homes, however with them both mistrusting the other, will this ever happen?

I loved this book! The characters were great and very believable, Tashi was the main protagonist and instantly likeable. She grew a lot through the book, her beliefs changed and she began to see the world a different way. She was my favourite character, closely followed by Ramil, who also learnt and matured during the plot, he grew into his position as a Prince.

These two main characters were joined by a host of other great characters – a circus strongman and a group of rebels amongst others.

The plot was great, I didn’t want to stop reading! The adventure the characters embark upon gave Julia Golding the opportunity, which she duly took, to twist and turn the plot line.

All in all, this is definitely a recommended read, as are all Julia Golding’s books. I can’t wait to (re)read The Glass Swallow, the sequel.


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