Abandon – Meg Cabot

AbandonShe knows what it’s like to die…

…Now death wants her back.

After reading The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, a few years ago, I became a fan and have since read several of her other books and was excited to begin this new series.

The beautiful cover intrigued me and the story sounded great.

Abandon is the first in a trilogy following Pierce, an American teenager.

She drowned in her home pool and visited the Underworld, yet she managed to escape and returned to life, which is now very different.

She remembers all about her death and the people she met in the Underworld, especially John Hayden, a sinister male character.

And somehow in her new town she meets him again…

The book features Pierce’s flashbacks which allows the reader to gain a greater insight into her life and to predict the conclusion of the novel. The plot is slightly predictable but for the most part there is an element of intrigue.

Pierce was a great character, an independent teenager with great strength of character.  The chemistry between Pierce and John was exciting throughout. John was a mystifying character, who kept me engaged in the book, at first his “true” identity wasn’t obvious yet it became clear during the plot .

The book is a paranormal romance but it is darker than others in the genre, which I think makes it a great read.

This book takes influence from Greek mythology and I would recommend it to any Percy Jackson lovers.

Ultimately, a fresh new look at YA Paranormal Romance which has me looking forward to the sequel.


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