Love At Second Sight – Cathy Hopkins

Can the love of your past life be the love of this life too?

The story begins at a summer fair when Jo, the main character, has a sitting with a clairvoyant who tells Jo that in a previous life she was a governess, named Harriet, and was denied being with her soul mate, Howard.

Jo is sceptical and disregards the information, but her best friends Effy and Tash take it seriously and begin investigating.

Jo discourages their investigation but they continue regardless. They eventually manage to trace both Harriet & Howard and Jo begins to believe and joins in the investigation.

Jo is then faced with the task of deciding who is Howard’s present day counter-part. There are three candidates, who are all very different from one another.

The characters are all well written and the plot is engaging. Jo and her friends are relatable characters and allow the book is be a great teen chick-flick.

The downside of the novel was how obvious the choice between the boys was, to me it was obvious who Jo’s soul mate was yet the characters were almost oblivious.

All in all, a great quick romantic book which I would recommend to any teen readers as a quick, light, holiday read.


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