City Of Lost Souls – Cassandra Clare

**This is the Fifth book in the series and therefore this review will contain unavoidable spoilers for the previous books**

What price is too high to pay, even for love?

After reading the first book in The Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones, I fell in love with the complex plotline and all the characters. I then enjoyed reading the other two books in the then trilogy. However I was a little apprehensive to hear  Cassandra Clare announce a further three books for the series.

When I read City Of Fallen Angels (book number four) my apprehension was justified.  Where the previous book had tied up all the loose ends, COFA seemed to be somewhat of a filler book – however that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it but it certainly wasn’t as good as the first three.

With this in mind, I cautiously approached City Of Lost Souls – henceforth known as COLS.

I began reading and at first I wasn’t convinced, however the  book improved as the action began and the plot thickened.

COLS starts where COFA ends, this allows readers to be reminded of events of the past book without struggling.

The plot follows the characters who are introduced in the previous books. The narrative in this novel is more varied with different character’s perspectives at different parts. Cassandra Clare uses this effectively in the middle of tense, nail-biting events which means the book is nye-on-impossible to put down!

Although the book is a bit dull to begin with, readers must stick with it in order to reach the better chapters later on. So much changes for the characters during the course of this book and ultimately has set up the series perfectly for the final instalment, City Of Heavenly Fire…

I would most definitely recommend the series to anyone, especially with the City Of Bones film premiering later this year. Stick with the series and make sure you read this instalment – which is Cassandra Clare back at her best…


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