The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones – Susie Day

Turning thirteen. It’s a rollercoaster ride.

The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones is a very original book, it follows Bluebell Jones whilst on holiday in Wales with her family.

The first day of the holiday is Bluebell’s thirteenth birthday and she expects that with her new found teenager-status she will suddenly feel older and act more maturely.

She makes a wish on her birthday cake to be rescued, and she is shocked when her wish comes true and her fourteen-year-old self, Red, appears to guide her through the summer.

Bluebell really respects Red and feels a lot more confident knowing she will eventually grow into Red.

Red tells Bluebell (now known as Blue) how to act during her time in Wales.

However, it isn’t all perfect, Red & Blue argue and fall out and eventually Blue realises that age is just a number.

The ending was particularly shocking for me as the book took a massive plot turn, this did remove the predictability of the book and I think this definitely improved the book for me.

The characters all had their own personalities and back stories. Blue was the main character and as the book was written in first person narrative, readers can really understand her point of view and opinions – although some times she does seem quite dramatic and sensationalised.

The book’s issues seemed to be aimed at teenagers however the language used was perhaps a little too simplistic. Younger readers could read the book but the issues are most appropriate for teens.

Ultimately, this was definitely a great book.. The language used could be improved but I would still recommend to teen readers as it is so original and it got me thinking about age and how it changes you…


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