My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece – Annabel Pitcher

Ten-year-old Jamie hasn’t cried since it happened.

I had heard many good things about this book, a lot of people had told me it was a “must-read” book so I decided to try it for myself…

The plot follows ten-year-old Jamie and his life after he moves house to the Lake District. Jamie struggles to understand his family and the loss which tore it apart.

Five years ago, Jamie’s older sister, Rose, died in a terrorist bombing. Now, Rose lives on the mantelpiece in an urn; Jamie’s Mum has run off, his Dad has turned to alcohol and his remaining sister, Jasmine, struggles to become her own person.

At Jamie’s new school, he struggles to fit in, but manages to find a friend in Sunya – who he knows his Dad would disapprove of, thanks to her ethnicity.

Throughout the story, readers can’t help but sympathise with Jamie. He is written as younger than many readers which allows them to understand him and his viewpoints.  To this extent, I thought Jamie was a great character.

The central plot of the story is Jamie coming to terms with the move and his family, though racism and grief are also main themes. Its a book which really makes you think – just how would you cope in the situations Jamie faces?

Ultimately, I found it a very moving, heart-warming book which I would recommend for anybody. I was in tears at the end!

I will definitely try to read other Annabel Pitcher books, including her new book – Ketchup Clouds.


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