Fury – Elizabeth Miles

Sometimes sorry is not enough…

I love the Percy Jackson series, so when I heard this book was a modern version of the tale of the Furies (greek mythological creatures), I knew I had to read it.

Fury is set in a small American town, Ascension, during the school winter break.

The book closely follows Em and Chase. Em is a the stereotypical teenage girl, self-absorbed and majorly crushing on a boy. However her crush is her best friend’s boyfriend, Zach. Whilst Gabby (the best friend) is abroad on holiday, Zach finally starts to pays attention to Em…

Meanwhile, Chase lives on the otherside of town. He is the star basketball player of the school who puts on the perfect act yet feels his life is spiralling out of control. He is being haunted by his conscience following a cruel joke he played.

Both Em and Chase feel guilty regarding these events yet not guilty enough to own up or admit to their mistakes. However this all changes when Chase meets Ty, a mysteriously beautiful girl who he soon becomes obsessed with…

Initially, I did not enjoy this book. The characters all seemed shallow, conceited and naive which stopped me from liking them. The plot also seemed to drag on with no exciting events occurring for stretches of time.

However as I continued to read I began to enjoy the book more. The plot thickens and the pace accelerates,  the characters’ back stories were also explained which added character depth, making the characters more likeable.

Hence, I enjoyed the ending of the book, which ended quite abruptly, encouraging me to read the sequel.

This will never be one of my favourite books yet I shall definitely endeavour to read the rest of the series, in order to learn what happens to the characters following Fury.


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