The Killables – Gemma Malley

The Killables

Evil must be identified

Dystopian novels are becoming more prevalent within Young Adult literature, after reading Ally Condie’s Matched Trilogy, I became disinterested with the genre. I didn’t enjoy this series as I felt removed from the characters and I didn’t understand the relationships between the characters.

However, with The Killables I was reintroduced and will definitely be reading similar books in the future.

The Killables tells the story of Evie, a 16 year old, living in The City. The City is the home to those who have had the ‘evil’ part of their brain removed, in a supposedly utopian city. The City is under the control of The System, which is responsible for labelling all the citizens based on how evil they are.

Evie strives to be good, yet she fears she is turning evil due to a recurring dream and the secrets she is keeping.

She has a job within The System, programming label changes. This job enabled her to meet Lucas, a senior programmer, who she is engaged to. However, she doesn’t like Lucas, convinced he is a ‘robot’, lacking in emotions; Evie prefers his brother, the disgraced Raffy.

Raffy sets off a chain events which causes startling changes for The City and Evie…

I really enjoyed this book, the topic was really interesting and thought provoking. The characters were all realistic especially Evie, I found it easy to relate to her which furthered my enjoyment of the book.

This book was real page-turner; I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next! My only criticism is the ending, however I can understand the reasoning behind this as there is a sequel – which I aim to read soon!

Ultimately, a book I would recommend to those who enjoy dystopian novels or those looking to try out the genre.


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