Stirring Up Trouble – Juli Alexander

The books follows Zoe, a fifteen year old witch, who is talented with potions. However her witchcraft has to be a secret, and whenever she uses a potion for her own personal gain, she suffers some body transfiguration. This means she has to carefully balance school, a social life and her potion experiments.

I really enjoyed this book, I downloaded it on a whim and it surprised me how much I enjoyed it.

Zoe was a very likeable character throughout and by the end of the book you empathise with her. Zoe’s best friend, Anya, however was the complete opposite, throughout I struggled to find a single redeeming quality for her, which made her friendship with Zoe somewhat unimaginable. Jason, Anya’s ex, is Zoe’s love interest; He is lovely and it is obvious why Zoe likes him so much.
Zoe’s parents are also great characters, especially her mother. Zoe is very close to her mother, due to their shared witch genes, which is beautifully portrayed in the book – this close relationship is the opposite to many teenage books. However, Zoe’s dad is quite the opposite, he recently sought a divorce, which leaves his relationship with Zoe awkward, however this does change throughout the book. The only problem with this was the almost yo-yo feeling of the relationship – it changed so often.

The plot was almost nonexistent at times, for long stretches of time nothing important seemed to happen, but this gave it the feel of a simple “summer” read. I think this is ultimately why I enjoyed the book so much, it was easy to read which made the reading more enjoyable.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this book, especially with those who want a light hearted read to bring back the feeling of summer.


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