Holly In Love – Caroline B. Cooney

Holly In Love follows Holly, a sixteen year old. She lives in a New Hampshire ski resort, the problem with this is her hatred of winter weather. Yet the winter seems brighter for her when she grows close to Jamie Winter. But Jamie is a ‘younger guy’ and her relationship would be the laughing stock of all their friends. Holly has to decide if Jamie is worth it…

I thought this book would be a relevant read given the winter weather of present, and therefore I was rather I was looking forward to reading this book. Yet it severely disappointed me.

My one main complaint regarding this book is the lack of plot – nothing of import happened. During the story there was no crisis to be solved – a fundamental of stories – and no character development.
Holly was annoying throughout – she was very self absorbed and completely obsessed with the weather, in an unhealthy way. Holly’s so called friends were not my definition of friends – they constantly mocked her and belittled her, and at times, Holly seems almost fearful of them and their judgement.

Ultimately, I would not recommend this book. The lack of plot makes it a unexciting read, it had the feel of an old author trying, and failing, to capture a teenage voice.


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