Magic Flutes – Eva Ibbotson

“Music is her passion – but love is her destiny”

Although I had previously read this book, I decided to reread it whilst on holiday last week and was glad I did so!

This is one of Eva’s books for older readers and I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who likes beautifully written romance novels.

The book is set in Vienna (as many of Eva’s books are) during the spring of 1922. The book’s main character is Tessa, a beautiful princess who has left her privileged life behind to follow her heart and her dreams  to “serve music”. She now works tirelessly backstage as under wardrobe mistress with the Viennese Opera Company.

Another main character is Guy Farne, an Englishman who is a multimillionaire who has lived all over the world. In 1922 Guy returnes to Vienna with his work and whilst there wishes to purchase a stately home for his first love, Nerine.

As Tessa’s true identity becomes harder to hide she meets Guy and their lives and destinies are strangely interlinked.

As with all Eva Ibbotson books, it is beautifully written.  Although possibly the plot is slightly predictable at some points – however this does re-enforce the idea that this could be a true story.

I love all Eva Ibbotson books and although this isn’t my favourite book by her I would still recommend it.