War Horse – Michael Morpurgo

War HorseI had been meaning to read this book since I read my first Michael Morpurgo book, several years ago, yet somehow had never quite managed to.

Recently, I watched the film (and loved it), this encouraged me to borrow the book from my local library meaning I finally got around to reading it.

I thought the movie was great, and although I am not an “animal person” I would be delighted to have a horse like Joey. The film set high standards for the book to live up to…

…and it definitely delivered!

The book is definitely one of my favourite Michael Morpurgo books, having read many of his books this an impressive accolade from me!

The book follows the life of a horse, Joey. The books begins when Joey is being auctioned, the book then continues to Joey growing up on the farm which belongs to his owners, his favourite being teenager Albert. This is anything but idyllic but both horse and owner are happy. The first few chapters show Albert and Joey and how their relationship develops.

However, life is soon turned upside down for both Joey and Albert. Due to 1914 which bore the start of WWI; In WWI the cavalry was still used and this is where Joey is headed.

The book then follows Joey’s changing role in the war, and the journeys he undertakes. The moving was very moving, and the ending made me cry, but I thought it perfectly summed up a great book!

It was interesting to read this book having already seen the movie, as it meant I was able to compare the film and the book.

The main difference is the the respective viewpoints. The book is written from Joey’s point of view, however the film is more from humans’ points of view. This difference meant that the film doesn’t detract from the book, or vice versa. The book and film compliment each other nicely, and I would definitely recommend reading AND watching the film to any and every body.