The Dragonfly Pool – Eva Ibbotson

The Dragonfly Pool

Although this is one of Eva Ibbotson’s books for younger readers, I decided to read it as I think all her books are great – The Dragonfly Pool did not disappoint.

The book is separated in three parts, I really liked this idea as it split the book up nicely, definitely in appropriate places.

The book is set in 1939, and follows Tally Hamilton as she starts her new boarding school, Delderton Hall, her father chooses to send Tally to a boarding school in the countryside so as to kept her safe from the imminent threat of war.

Although Tally is reluctant and worried about her new school, when she starts she falls in love with the place. She also makes many new friends and learns lots – especially in her biology lessons with Matteo, the mysterious teacher who is regarded as a legend by his pupils.

The school then travel to the kingdom of Bergania, a country standing up to Hitler and the Nazis. Whilst there disaster occurs and the adventure begins.

I think this book is great, as all Eva Ibbotson books are. The plot is brilliant and the book is constantly interesting – there are no dull moments.

In conclusion, a great Eva Ibbotson book – aimed at pre-teens but suitable for everyone!